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The Beginning of My Journey

The Beginning of My Journey

Update: September 15, 2014

Hi Bloggers,

My name is Tia, and I am a new blogger. I’ve been wanting to do this for a pretty long time, and I am just now STARTING OVER! Yes ! I use to Blog about random things, but than started posting my short story called “Do You?” . That will be coming later once i finish EVERYTHING! But for right now, I will be posting every SUNDAY. But right now, i want to take this time to say how my almost two year experience has been so far.

1.) The struggle. When i say “The Struggle”, i mean the struggle of receiving more followers, or people to actually recognized and read my blog. With me advertising my blog to the thousands of friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, I’ve only received about twenty views so far. Of course, since im new, i do not know how much time it will take for me to get up to where i want to be and i wont be getting as many followers i’ll like, but its the fact that , me advertising so much, i know someone seen them. But I’ve come to realize that i shouldn’t give up, and keep trying because things can change over a period of time.

2.) I’ve also realized that blogging is interesting. You find people that are also interested into the things that you blog about in your blog, and they also blog about it. I’ve never thought that there would be so many people out there just like me. same thoughts about a particular thing. i dont know why, but it just amazes me. And the other blogs are just fascinating. Speaking about thoughts, that brings me to number …..

3.) Its hard to thinks about Topics that might be interesting for bloggers or readers to read. The whole reason i made this blog is to talk about how i feel about certain topics and thoughts on things, and share my opinion to others and see what they think about it. Do you Agree or Disagree and Why? You know, something of that nature. But there was nothing for me to talk about. (Well, for now.) i had someone suggest me to talk about how TF do you get a risen in your butt?, but i thought that would be really nasty to talk about. (On a blog, especially). So that was off the list. I kind of get frustrated (im easily frustrated over nothing) when i dont have anything to talk about, but someone told me that blogging everyday isnt a good thing, really. It just hides your previous posts, and no one will really see some of your earlier ones. So that kind of relieved me.

But other than those few things that i’ve realized, that i have to put aside, blogging is GREAT!!!! I love it and I cant wait what the future holds for me.

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Peace *Mu-ah*